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Diffuse or apply Animal Scents® ParaGize™ directly to your pet's belly to naturally help comfort with a blend of premium essential oils.


SKU: 5270

    Animal Scents ParaGize was developed to support pets with the settling, grounding properties found in Ginger, Anise, and Peppermint premium essential oils. This relaxing, quieting blend can be applied to your pet's abdomen or diffused to support your pet with its comforting aroma.


    • Apply 1−2 drops topically to the abdominal area.

    • Carefully apply according to the size and species of animal.

    • Dilute more for smaller species.

    • Keep in a cool, dark place.



    • Supports your pet's natural cleansing system

    • Relaxing and quieting for pets

    • Can be used topically or aromatically

    • Formulated without synthetic perfumes, dyes, artificial colors, or fragrances



    Take extra care when using any essential oils, especially those with citric ingredients, around cats. Specifically formulated for veterinary use. Keep out of reach of children.

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