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Board and Train what to pack!

Packing for a 2week plus program can be nerve wracking! Here is a list to help remind you of what to bring!! 

Dog Food

Dog Food

Pack enough dog food for the length of stay plus 4 (just incase) dry food (or wet if you feed wet food)-- a small note in either the bag of food or baggie of how much to feed

Dotted Dog Beds

Dod bed/blanket

A crate safe bedding if you would like, it may get chewed so please nothing expencive!  If no blanket that is more than fine! You companion will have a safe crate flooring (especially for the chewers or destroyers!) 



Please provide any suppliments that your dog is on as well as any medications with directions for both. 



Couple packages of your dogs favorite soft and chewy treats! (hard treats dont work well!)  They will be used to teach your dog the new cues and behaviors!

Rope Dog Toy

Crate safe dog toys

To help keep mentally satisfied while waiting to be worked with, please provide 2 crate safe toys, or chewys (edible or not)

Drug and Syringe

Copy of Vaccines and Fecal test within 6 months

To keep everyone safe, we require dhpp, bordetella, rabies, **recommended k9 influenza

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