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About Guardian Angels Pawsitive Paws

Experienced. Helpful. Vet- Recommended.

Guardian Angels Pawsitive Paws believes it’s never too late to teach an old pet (and its owner) new behaviors. Our tailor-made services are designed with you and your pet in mind to ensure results. We believe in working as much with you as with your pet. Our goal is to provide long-lasting impact through expert training.

Guardian Angels Pawsitive Paws has many years of experience in supporting pet owners to make the needed changes in their pet’s habits. Our high success and client satisfaction rates are our greatest source of pride. Call us today to make your first appointment.

The Crew

Passionate and Experienced

At Guardian Angels Pawsitive Paws we only hire the best. Passionate and certified, our trainers are here to make your experience working with us the absolute best it can possibly be. Browse below to learn more about our team.


Lauren Shelley


Lauren  is a certified professional service and  pet trainer. With over 23 years of experience, Lauren  has worked with countless pets over the years. With an undeniable love for animals, they are always around pets, whether at home or professionally .Alex Smith has been part of the team since our founding. As a professional trainer, Lauren has a magic touch in molding pets' behavior by building positive experiences and promoting a strong relationship between human and pet.

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Ch. Guardian Angels Texas Tornado  THD, CGCA



"Tempest" is her name, she was the most amazing dog ever. She had a lot of lessons that she taught everyone that she met. She became champion in the show world at 2 years old, although she excelled in Therapy work. Visiting many hospitals and nursing homes brining joy to everyones faces. She was certified to be a service dog for PTSD, Diabetic alert, and mobility as well. Her offspring completed AKC STAR Puppy, CGC, CGCA and THD as well. The puppies definitly got her brains and her energy as well. As an English Mastiff, normally called couch potatos, she was anything but that. On her off time you could find her playing on the beach, teaching puppies of all ages important lessons or just outside sunbathing with her "family" 

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Mason Shelley

Beginner Trainer/ Distractor

Mason loves watching and being apart of teaching the canine companions for sure! With the loud noises he makes, fussing at times, and helping walk the dogs, Mason is a true dog lover. He is a dog trainer in the making for sure. He is a definite animal lover of all types, cats as well as dogs. In his free time you will find him playing with his BFF "Rigatoni"

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